Welcome!  This is another photo-a-day blog site. My goal is to post one photo each day–and to have one photo that I like enough to print each week.  Since I’m in Portland, Oregon, USA, and this project will include the 2012 leap-year, I thought “pdx366” might make a bit of sense.

Here’s what happened: I like photography. Really, I like art of all kinds, but I am predominantly a writer and the things that words and images do to my brain are quite complimentary and pleasant. The thing is, though–and I think many people can appreciate this–when I come home from work, take care of all of my domestic duties (including the enjoyable ones, but duties nonetheless), and let myself relax a bit, then engaging in creative work isn’t something my brain wants to do.  I want to veg.  My household doesn’t have a dedicated television, and so most of the vegging is done via internet.  Combine photography and the internet and you get what I got, which was spending most of my time looking at (and occasionally buying) lots of different toys.  Not necessarily using them as tools, which they are when actually used; if they aren’t useful, but they’re entertaining, then they’re toys; just looking at MTF charts and photo galleries and pixel-peeping and voyeruism of other people measurebating and… well, that’s enough of that.

So said my girlfriend.  And she said it with wisdom.

Thus I began this project.

12 months.  With 12 lenses.  I currently own 11 lenses; the 12th will be my reward to myself for having the discipline to keep at it. I will spend one month with each lens. Each image posted to this blog for that month will be from that lens.  I will get to know each lens well, which will then guide my purchase of the lens for that 12th month.

None of this means that I will only take photos with a given lens during that month. If I get a photo job, I’ll use the best lens for that job. Nor does any of this mean that I’ll take and post a photo every day; rather, if I have a productive weekend, I might post photos from that weekend throughout the week.

I also reserve the right to post one photo a week that is about processing. After all, I also have some photographic tools that have nothing to do with optics and everything to do with binary data yet still have a lot to do with the final image. Still–there must be at least one image posted each day that I haven’t posted before. That’s my commitment.

Each month begins on the 19th, oddly enough.

  • November 19, 2011, thru December 18, 2011: Old kit lens.  (28-80 f/3.5-4.5)
  • December 19 thru, etc.: Modern kit lens. (18-55 f/3.5-5.6)
  • January: Fast modern normal zoom. (16-50 f/2.8)
  • February: Consumer telezoom. (70-210 f/4-5.6)
  • March: Fully manual telephoto (200mm f/4)
  • April: Fully manual telephoto (135mm f/3.5)
  • May: Fully manual telephoto (105mm f/2.8)
  • June: Modern moderate telephoto (70mm f/2.4)
  • July: Fully manual moderate telephoto (55mm f/1.8)
  • August: Fully manual macro (50mm f/4)
  • September: Fully manual normal lens (35mm f/2)
  • October 19 thru November 18: who knows?  But I’m looking at a rather expensive prime lens as of the beginning of this project.

I bought all of these lenses because I thought they would be good lenses–meaning, a good balance of size/weight/speed/optics. My goal for the next year is to learn these lenses, and so some of the daily photos might be comparison images of other lenses to that month’s lens.

Also look for my girlfriend’s contributions. She’s the one who got the avalanche rolling on this, and so when I’m out walking around in the cold night taking pictures rather than keeping her company inside–then don’t be surprised if she comes out for a walk with me and posts some pictures of her own.  Or if she posts photos of the food she cooks.  (She’s a good cook.) And those photos won’t count to my 366, so consider them a bonus.

Knowing her, she might even be more reliable than me at posting photos… we’ll see.  After all, isn’t that the point?


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